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Maria, we can’t speak highly enough of your services.

From our initial introduction – which came by a recommendation made by one of our suppliers, and an existing client of yours – we had complete confidence in your ability to capture our vision.  You were incredibly quick to grasp the nature of our industry and really helped steer the creative side of the site to get the aesthetic just right.  I’m sure we were quite demanding as clients go (that’s designers for you!) and were especially grateful for all of your patience during our build.

A truly fantastic service.

Will Shaw

mdsign support

Working with Will who is a designer himself was a great experience, discussing ideas and progressing the design in a collaborative way.

We spent a great deal of time setting out templates to display the information in a way that suited the style of Ribbon Projects.  The client provided the images throughout the site.

We implemented an image map on the homepage to highlight the design elements of the space the client had created in one of their projects and the  website makes use of various Google tools including Google Tours to add an extra dimension to showcasing the newly designed spaces.