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The Queen’s Head


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Maria initially designed and built our website, subsequently looking after its continued running and updating including its interface with emails, social media of various forms and the differing technical requirements depending on whether it is being viewed via computer or mobile phone. Crucially she understands how search engines work and how their searches can be optimised to highlight your website. On a personal level she is easy to understand and able to communicate technicalities clearly and in lay terms. Maria is willing to go the extra mile, research new ideas or issues, often spots issues and contacts you ahead of time and is always available to help. We have worked together with Maria for over a decade and would strongly recommend her services.

Scott Chapman – The Queen’s Head Pub, Hawkedon


  • Full redesign of initial website created by Mdsign back in 2009
  • New design includes quotes, sayings and small animations nodding to the history and character of the pub
  • Great images provided by the client following design layout presentation and discussion on style and direction
  • Facebook integration for news and events
  • Device responsive and SEO optimised
  • Assistance with social media accounts and content
  • Content managed by Mdsign on behalf of the client

Introducing the new and improved website for the beloved Hawkedon Queen Pub. From mouthwatering food to a vibrant atmosphere, the website now offers a seamless experience for their valued customers. Explore stunning images showcasing the beautiful location and the incredible events they host year round.

With a full redesign, we’ve incorporated quotes, sayings, and small animations that pay homage to the pub’s rich history and unique character. Stay up to date with the latest news and events through the Facebook integration. The website is device responsive and SEO optimized, ensuring easy access and visibility for all.

A pub already known for good food, a great atmosphere and ambience, we hope you enjoy exploring the many elements the pub has to offer.


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