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John Stuart Hendy

A year ago my time was critically limited. Simultaneously, my business website DIY support software was about to be withdrawn and the domain names, that I had collected over several years for future projects, were lodged with an unhelpful host and needed review. Despite being very involved in computing for 43 years, I needed help.

I contacted Maria. She had been recommended by a business associate. I explained my tight situation and my need to have a one-stop shop for all of my present and future web-related needs.

Within days I found that I had hit gold. Within a week Maria had reviewed my domains and fully understood my reasons for retaining them. She researched, defined and presented me with my options and future costs.

Suitably informed, we made basic decisions, sorted the ‘keepers’, cut out  EC registration and other difficulties and scheduled all of them to be transferred to her care as their renewals fell due. Maria made all the arrangements and navigated a world that, frankly, I would not have had a snowball’s chance in.

My DIY website data was saved and transferred to Maria’s care. We agreed an outline and Maria completely overhauled and re-created it in up-to-date software and also made it mobile ‘phone friendly. Very little changed from her first draft to the final version.

Over the last year I have known that my domains and website are in very safe hands. If I have needed to do something or to sanction a change, like the option to take a deal on longer term renewals, I knew that Maria would be in touch.

My time is still critically limited, but my Web-presence and Domains are up-to-date and, in her hands, future-proofed.

I would be happy to recommend her services to anyone.

John S Hendy MCMI 

mdsign support

Mdsign was recommended to John at a time when he was experiencing what could be described as a set of frustrating circumstances and needed someone to rescue him from potentially losing some of his services.

Working with John is great, he knows what he wants, listens to what you say and makes informed choices with a view to getting things done with minimal fuss.  As he says in his testimonial everything was completed in a very short period of time, leaving him to get on with his very busy life and with only the odd email from me keeping him up to date with anything that he needs to know about.

After first securing all of John’s data, as far as the website design was concerned, the site John had previously needed a complete overhaul and so we started from scratch and provided a simple but functional site with the possibility to expand it in the future if required.

Mdsign maintains the website and hosting together with a number of domain names.