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I initially chose Maria to design my website as I liked her measured approach and thought I could work with her. Our collaboration was such a pleasure, her ideas and energy drove it forward, inspiring me also.

Her creativity, tireless attention to detail and her ability to understand my work and my personality has created a website that has exceeded my expectations.

The site is innovative, clever, easy to use and is comprehensive and flows.

Maria is a consummate professional and I feel very privileged to have benefited from her unstinting effort and talent. Maria gives over and above what one would expect ,which is so rare these days , that is why her results are so successful.

Jayne Pope
Contemporary Artist

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What an exciting and inspirational website to work on. Jayne’s canvases are generally very large and she was keen to try to portray that on the website.  Having had various exhibitions in prestigious galleries, Jayne voiced her desire for people to somehow understand the scale of her work as if they were viewing it in a gallery.  So, this is exactly what we set out to achieve.

The homepage features a wall with ceiling lights and with the floor also in view the visual scale for the canvases was achieved.  The page scrolls horizontally as if you were walking through the gallery and responds to tablets and mobiles by displayng the relevant instruction according to device.

Jayne uploads her artwork using bespoke templates with the size of artwork displayed in the gallery being generated by the size of canvas she enters into the admin area.  This provides the correct sizing for the individual pieces.

Jayne’s work is continually evolving and so other pages on the website categorise her work into Collections which Jayne manages easily simply by selecting from a drop down list.