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After changing ownership at Happy Days in August 2016 we wanted to update and create a website that reflected how we had changed with the times.

Maria has been fantastic in helping us with this process, even when we had difficulties with the changes in technology. Our new website has made us all excited with how we interact with both our existing and potential parents.

We are looking forward to growing our business and improving our skills!

Thank you.

Debbie Corsby

mdsign support

Mdsign originally set up a website for Happy Days Childcare in 2006 and when the Nursery changed hands in 2016 we were delighted to be able to continue with the services we provided. The website is vibrant and as the nursery is very proactive we wanted to be able to show all the events and activities so that existing and prospective new parents could see everything that was going on!

The client updates the website content regularly with newsletters, events, news and photo galleries. There are also pdf documents for policies and newsletters, again these are updated on the website by the client using the bespoke templates, support and instructions provided by Mdsign.